within not without

no man should be by himself
no one should be left alone

love is the answer - believe

find your home - find your people
find your godly love from within

do not live without

hakuammu 2018

love is the answer

God will show you your way
Jesus Christ is a way to unity

which we have to consciously seek
after we've taken our bed and left

don't do as I do but do as I say
find your people and love

hakuammu 2018

finding the answer

no religion - practicality

life will teach you how to 
be sorry - no need to rush 

only the faith will save
only believing will help

hakuammu 2018

the cleaning day

loving wants to do nothing wrong
doing nothing wrong the mind is at ease

the mind at ease it's easier to do
the right thing for oneself and others

cleaning the mind of defective thoughts

will save your life

have faith - believe
no religion but action 

clean your mind with love 
in the name of Jesus Christ

hakuammu 2018

salvation now

let the spirit be filled with godly love
filled with godly love is able to love 

all the defective wounded people
trying their best to survive and

finally is able to love oneself
in spite of the flaws and the wounds

baby it's been you all along

hakuammu 2018

loving kindness

no betterment will help 
without resistance

being resistant requires faith
Jesus teaches how to have faith 

by loving - godly love - agape
love your neighbour as yourself

hakuammu 2018

till the end of times

reading the poems
dreaming the dreams

fair well my one and only 
rest in the eternal peace

hakuammu 2018


relatively yours

sometimes love 
is but a ship

without relations

hakuammu 2018

life or death

thanks for life
thanks for death

sometimes it's hard to 
to say which is the gift

hakuammu 2018

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