about suffering

every time I've tried 
to do what's right 
someone has been hurt
better do what's right
for myself and only 
myself will suffer

a constant amount of suffering
without suffering there's nothing
not even the sufferers

hakuammu 2017

upside down

why is all so upside down
love often hurting more
than hate

just hating that

hakuammu 2017


looking evil in the eyes
makes it easier and easier 

to let go and let it be

what it is - that is a question

hakuammu 2017

loves and wars

love is more than

being comfortable
on the sofa or like

in the jungle fighting
in the prison guarded


the age with children
is a different ball game

like a war zone or
like a survival track

but not forever
unless constantly breeding

hakuammu 2017

safe and sound


no limits leading to a constant battle
insecurity and unpredictability

life is unpredictable as it is
no need to add to it but to enjoy

hakuammu 2017

this and that

it's a privilege

not so that it's a privilege
only for the other but a voluntary

responsibility and obligation
the way it won't hurt the boundaries
the boundaries are for the safety 
the freedom of being truly oneself 
the freedom of speech and expression 
the freedom outside of the relationship
not jeopardizing the relationship 
what does is an individual agreement 


hakuammu 2017

relations and ships

we have this relationship 
let's live freely in it 

enjoying each others company
without unnecessary hurting 

only voluntarily yours is yours truly 
otherwise only a land conquered by force

where all being war and allowed is not love 
neither is forcing nor threatening nor black-mail 

only children need bribing and 
is it really necessary either? 

hakuammu 2017

then there was two

life not always comfortable
being seductive and tiring
but enjoying life as it is 
surely there should be feelings
liking and chemistry and appreciation
being willing to change for better 
a relationship is reciprocal actions 
routines making everyday easier 
festivities and traditions making the day 
building up a home and life together 
putting the other above oneself 
not taking all for granted 

taking care of one-self besides 
taking care of the relationship 
so there's energy to take care of 
each other rather together than not

secrets of happily-ever-after

hakuammu 2017

back to basics

life's not about mastery
nor a war but creating love

love's not a battlefield
nor a war but creating life

life's about love 
love's about life
not about war but 
all about creating 

hakuammu 2017

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