Belief and Believe


why is it so important

how Jesus was born or
how he died or woke up

even if he existed

listen to the words
not look at the man

the teachings. the teachings.
the teachings of Jesus Christ.

they are the main thing.
listen. follow. do. love.

don't look at the finger but
the teachings showing the way

forgive and ask for forgiveness
try to heal the wounds not judging

be childlike be yourself 
love and be loved

go towards joy and
the heaven is here now

otherwise you won't go to heaven
but already are in your hell

take your mental bed and go

detach yourself from 
anything dead in yourself

change yourself from above 
and all changes - the inner you

what is so difficult in this?

why the wild geese hunts
when the truth stares in the face

it's no belief but a teaching
simple step-by-step to heaven

the miracle is that is works
the miracle is to understand

believing it when experiencing it

constant dying becomes 
constant living

now not there nor then 

definitely not after dying
it's symbolism of the words

it's talking about
death of the Ego

live and enjoy your life
live as your best self

help the others do the same
do as wish to be done to you

untill it's your time to die
have the eternal peace in death

love and accept love
remember to go to your church

wherever your church exists
to remind yourself of the truth

make your life a living service to God
God is love and we're all the children of God

God Created Natural(ly) 
God is love and the nature

God is All there is

words are just words
rituals are just rituals

supporting and assuring

the magic is in the words
IF lived accordingly

if understood - 
go and be alive!

A men. A men. A men. 
A women. A women. A women.

hakuammu 2017


Watery Truth

Specialization and progress should not make us forget
the basic truths. A human being is a versatile complexity.
The world consists of matter and energy. So does human being.

Our world and human being are highly dependent of water.

We grew in water and we live of water. Without water 
there's no life. No more to come. Why waste? Why pollute?

Water toilet uses fresh water as much as a human or two need
in a day to live. In most cases cleaner than most of the 
people in the world drink. Also watering the gardens uses
loads of fresh water when rainwater could be collected and used.

It's a matter of good will and change in thinking. It's arrogant
to waste something vital which won't grow in trees so to speak.
It just recycles? Evaporates and rains back. If the soil, atmosphere
and the seas, the rivers and the lakes areas get polluted, eventually all 
water will be polluted. In the land, sea and air. Equally everywhere.

There's no use using mouth rinse when you can brush your teeth and
flush, mouth rinse pollutes water and affects fish and plankton?
Is it really necessary to medicate all and everything for life if
it's only prevention? Hormones and medications circulate to the 
waters and from there back to us effecting our health and hormonal 
balance, not mentioning the animals. Condoms are safer than hormones?

Is there any idea in filling the seas with plastic waste? Or any waste?

If everybody would leave one plastic bag to the shop, we'd save
millions of plastic bags from ending up to the sea or the nature. 

All of us can start saving the planet. 
Step by step. Little things matter.

Water is already an issue. If the whole world will start flushing 
the toilet like the western world we'll be in trouble. As we already are.

Is there any idea in flushing fresh drinkable water down the toilet? 
Is there any idea in flushing or releasing waste (water) to the sea?

Seriously? I suggest a trip to the tourist places 
to so-called fresh and clean islands or anywhere 
outside the tourist areas by the sea. 

Not a pretty sight. Not a preatty smell. 

And there's more to come. Every day. 
Only one way to chance is to stop step by step.

Not asking. Just telling. The choice is yours.

Go with your eyes open not closes. 
Go with your mind open, not closed.
Go with love. Go with joy.
hakuammu 2017


All you Need is Dove

Love is like a dove.
But not quite.

hakuammu 2017

Strictly humane

Constant Fun and Entertainment lead only to depression
and emptiness. Time for all? The longer it takes, the
harder it is to find something else, to cut yourself loose.

Self-deception and pleasure will become (bad) habits.
We need work, we need relaxing, we need sleep and rest. 
Fun, entertainment, spirits and drugs are no answer.

Following will be an addiction. A follower is no doer?
A follower is not actually even a person, a human being?

Just a shadow of somebody else. Just an empty shell.

There's a time for following and listening and reading. 
There's a time for studying to know what is good for you
and how to manage. It's time to do and be. A human being.

We can aim higher and become more human in a good sense
and also more animal in a good sense. It looks like we've
adopted the bad sides of both? Could we change the habits?

Anybody can be anything regardless the background given
the opportunity, placed in the position according to one's
abilities, strengths and knowledge? The society can help only
so far. Wishes, dreams, abilities and strengths can't be given.

You have to change yourself. Nobody else can. It's time.
You have to live your life. Nobody else can. It's time.
You have to choose yourself. Nobody else can. It's time.

Your brain is your leader, not your joystick nor your remote.
Consuming is not living. Getting addicted is not living.
Who cares about looks or having a children if we won't be living
or our grandchildren won't have a place to live or survive?

It's more important to start making better choices. For the planet.
With or without broken nails or bigger tits, with or without bigger 
cars or bigger houses. The only way we can be free is to save the
planet. The only way we can be free is to do it ourselves. Without 
force. No matter who and where you are. No matter how you're doing.

hakuammu 2017

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You’d better think

Why a modern man, the king of the world, reminds
day by day more and more a monkey than a man?
Incorrect. More like an insect than a man? Regressing
emotionally and spiritually? External progress is only
external. Things and external are only a crutch, not all.

Still killing, going for power trips, having the
society form of the ants or the bees - no matter if
the queen is the queen or the king - or a president and
also using violence, discrimination and isolation,
killing thousands and millions, using more we can afford.

The outer things won't take us where we need to go.

Unfortunately everybody won't have the same opportunities.
In good and bad. It's hard to tell for sure which will be
the best starting point. All given free might not grow right
kind of personality, strength nor wisdom like the sports won't
grow same kind of power nor muscle like the real work does.

Personality must be grown. The lessons must be learned.

The social connections are important but won't save us if
backed with foolishness and creed. Money can't be eaten?
Nor drunk? There's no way we'll survive without clean water.
If we let the progress go as it is, there'll be no clean 
water no matter how rich and powerful we'd be. Anywhere.

Nobody will survive alone. Nobody will survive without.

When we'll be dead, we'll be dead, no matter how rich.
When the planet will be destroyed, it'll be destroyed,
no matter how wise, rich, powerful or beautiful we are.

When it's done it's done and too late. It's not yet too late.

Everyone of us can do something. Small steps, using our heads?
It's not the matter of force, we have to do it ourselves? 
In ourselves. We have to change our thinking and attitudes,
we have to change the way of our life. For good? For good. 

The bad takes only to death. And that's the end, my friend. 

Not just for you and me but the humanity. There's no way our
children will survive or live a meaningful life in space. No
matter what the Hollywood movie industry tries to tell? It'll
be back to survival mode for good. Try to live in a bubble
or ask for one doing so how wonderful it is? Never going out?

For once we could show we've grown as a human species, not 
doing the same mistakes again and again like in ancient times,
this time ruining the whole planet while ruining ourselves.

It's up to you and me and all of us. Nobody can force us. 
We have to wise up and start making better choices. Adapt. 
Moderate. Use less. Learn to use our heads instead of 
misusing the resources. It's not about ideology. It's not
about nationality. It's not about money. It's not about 
religion nor beliefs. It's about life and survival of us all.

We owe it to the next generations at least all of us 
having children. We owe it to the past generations 
having brought us here. Alive and kicking?

How selfish can we be not trying to solve the problems
we've created only in past few decades? There are problems
in east and west. Too much everything everywhere, plastics 
and drugs - medical and others, misusing them and soil,
pesticides, fertilizers, polluting air and waters, causing
erosion and floods. It's pure craziness and greed. It's
time to stop and think. Think, think, think? Think!

Highly Personal

Personality grows through living and learning from it.

Growth is an internal not an external process. It's not 
aiming for perfection but developing and accepting oneself 
by learning - though the imperfection might rip like a dull
knife rips the leather the senses of those highly sensitive.
You have to learn to tolerate? To adjust? To adapt?

Perfection can't be the aim in all since getting the
last 20% fixed takes so much time and money no one can 
afford it all needing all or at least something? On the
other hand if all was polished as perfect as possible,
the world wouldn't be drowning in trash? What's tolerable?

So or so. Always wrong? Place for everything?

Ambitions and goals may lead to aim for different
things and settling for some will save money
and time for other, more meaningful things. 

Life's full of choices. It's not necessary to have
perfect nor fashionable but functional and necessary,
wanting more means having to pay the often high price.

We are different. There's no way around that.

Advertisements tell us what to do or wear like we
were a flock of sheep or chicken? Are we mice or men?
How stupid can a human be in adapting? How stupid is
using violence or isolating when not adapting especially
concerning looks or things? Stupidity! Foolishness.

Young and children are easily manipulated. Like
little animals? An adult can choose for himself. 

Right? Right? Da?

hakuammu 2017


Words for Days

Wellbeing demands work, at least mental work,
constant effort, getting back to saddle if falling,
there's no other way, the other ways will only be
momentarily cures bringing more trouble than joy.

Don't give up. Don't back down. Don't worry.

Nothing's so good or bad it would win your attitude,
your thoughts about the situation. When thinking the life
is ruined, it is ruined, no matter where you'd live and who
you'd be. When thinking you're happy and content, you can
be happy even having cancer or having nothing at all.

A set back or feeling bad is only temporal. The next moment
will be better unless getting stuck to your bad feelings.

Happiness is no excuse to stop struggling towards 
the better or trying your best but an attitude, a
way of looking at life. It's no over-positiveness
nor looking through pink glasses but a choice, 
constant choices. You'll choose to be happy or not.

Your attitude and thoughts affect your emotional state.

Even a highly sensitive or mentally unstable person can
choose the attitude, decide whether to cry or laugh when
it's raining, whether to try again or give up when failing.

Choose well how you'll see your illness or your good fortune.

They say it's nicer to cry in a Porsche but no matter what
you'll have when unable to be content or grateful, you can't 
be happy. You'll always be miserable unless learn to be happy and 
grateful. Content? Contentment is a choice. Same goes with money.

No matter how much you'll have - unless you'll learn to use
it properly, nothing will be enough. Enough is enough. Learn!

We have a right to exist but ungrateful earns nothing.

Earning means getting something because giving something.
Ungrateful earns nothing, will be unhappy, can't be happy 
of what one has and what one is. Ungrateful will feel poor. 

Life isn't purely physical, it's also spiritual, emotional and 
psychological. When empty inside and without, nothing from
outside will help. Only you can fill your inner well. Be happy.
It'll take effort, sometimes more, sometimes less, ways can be
tought but the work is everyone's own. No one can run nor learn
to run a marathon for you either. Same thing. You must do the work.

For some happiness is easier than for the others. That's the way it is.

If you're sensitive and emotional, you'll have to learn more. If you're
getting everything for free, you'll have to learn more. If you were born
in poor circumstances and/or mistreated, you'll have to learn more. 

That's the way it is. Facts of life. No need for envy nor bitterness.

It's better to learn and accept the facts of life and to change what you
can in your life and in yourself. All can't be changed. Accepting and 
changing. That's all you can do. Learn to see the difference of those two.

Words for the days. These days. These words.

hakuammu 2017


Be the Change

The only real change anybody
can do is to change oneself.

Change the attitude, the lifestyle, 
the thoughts, values, goals, friends?

You're only responsible of yourself, 
if you're not a child nor don't have 
children, but you are responsible of yourself.

It's nobody's business but yours to take
care of you unless you are momentarily or 
totally unable to function or are a child 
- and children can also do a lot.

Taking care in a relationship is a reciprocal 
deal, no privilege you can misuse as you please.

Change yourself. Be the change. 
The inner change is the most important.

The circumstances are only an excuse to feel bad.
Even in a concentration camp or a prison it's possible
to stay calm and feel ok. It's all in the attitude.

Momentarily feeling bad is no reason to give up. Feeling
constantly bad and not able to change the situation is a
reason to ask for help, sometimes professional help, even
medication or therapy. There's no need to suffer constantly, 
but no life is free from suffering. It's part of life.

The biggest problem may lie in your own attitudes and goals.
You can be too hard on yourself and/or aim too high.

It's possible to aim high but it's not the main thing in life.

You can only do your best. Your abilities and strengths
aren't necessary similar to those of someone else. You 
can only be the best version of you by doing your best.

Only aiming to your best will bring joy in the end, 
only living your own life will bring you happiness.
The success and the fame can't replace relationships
nor contentment to your life and your own actions.

If you're not grateful and content of yourself, nothing
will make you happy. You must make yourself happy. It's 
a choise. Multiple choices. It's a decision. Be happy!

Sometimes there's a need to say the obvious, since it
seems to be forgotten otherwise? From everybody?

note to myself - don't worry, be happy

hakuammu 2017


By hitting your head in the wall, 
you're only gonna get a sore head?

Ask for help if you can't change alone.

Keep your word, do what you promise?
Unless it would compromise your wellbeing?

Wellbeing is not the same as pleasure or will.
You are responsible for your own wellbeing.

If the surroundings or the lifestyle make you sick,
you should change them, you can't always blame others
or society or the world. You can change yourself.

Life is full of choices. Sometimes life chooses for you
if you won't choose yourself. No need to complain?

If you don't feel good, you should change something
in your life or your thinking. The world owes nothing
to no one. All is just a gift, grace, no privilege nor
expectancy. When tired it's easy to take the booze or
choose to snooze but it's no solution, it's only a choise.

Your own choise. You can choose differently.

A momentary melt down or one wrong choise doesn't mean
your life is ruined. You can always aim better next time, keep
you cool. As long as there's life there's hope. Literally.
No more hope in the cemetery. Not in this lifetime at least?

The attitude is everything. The attitude is the key.

hakuammu 2017

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