life's like a black swan


for a few crumbs more

only a few crumbs of truth
scattered ancient phrases and words
feeding each and every day

turning out the fire
lighting the desire
raising the lust - to learn.

hakuammu 2017

say so say do


life's so good 
and so are you.

hakuammu 2017

totuus toivossa

fishing well

a toddler was born
 hardly can walk
 must be killed
crucified and grilled
 marked with an x
hidden with the rex
sent in the bucket
 far-far away

buried in the sand 
of the foreign land
alwayes remains 
     alwayes remains
not burning with the fire
 returning with the sire
turning life to the water
        for fishes to breed.

hakuammu 2017

so good so well

Well. Well. Well. 
Three wells
 as well 
 as good 

Good. God. Good.
as well as good.

hakuammu 2017

female crossing.png


why to think about anything
but what's bringing you joy 
when you have a choice to choose? 

hakuammu 2017

living the life

it's now and it's here
the life itself
like a living prayer

hakuammu 2017

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