why knot

if only is usually not
better tie the knot

hakuammu 2018

take care of yourself

the evil is best far far away
the further the better

and for ever more

(security code Jesus)

hakuammu 2018

stay safe

if eating you alive
if taking your soul
piece by piece
it's pure evil
no matter the box
nor what ever 
it tries to be
repeated evil is evil
no matter how charming

the cover

hakuammu 2018

your life is yours

one life one chance
live yours not of those
no one should depend on 
anyone but themselves 

and God 
through the words
of Jesus

hakuammu 2018


with or without a ship

love without relationship
is friendship without sex
sex without relationship
is only exploitationship

one way or both ways

hakuammu 2018

love is within

they want to know how you
feel about them but the thing
is to know how YOU feel and
not about the words but
the actual things they do

luring you hooking you
persuading you impressing you


do they listen
do they tell the truth
do they give you what you need

without asking too high a price

hakuammu 2018

be nice to yourself

be nice always be nice
except when dealing

with pure evil

(nice does not mean helpless)
(nice does not mean without boundaries)
(nice does not mean foolish)

the evil is best far far away
the further the better

and for ever more

hakuammu 2018


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