good deeds

nothing scarier than a man trying to be good 

but a woman

hakuammu 2017



arcs and triangles

free dome

love is freedom
freedom is love

you are freedom

hakuammu 2017

dying trying

trying is like dying or drying
nothing good comes out of it 

but worms and soil 

hakuammu 2017


freedom is a narrow path

hakuammu 2017

true love rocks

true love doesn't want to harm
true love wishes to heal

true love doesn't need a housekeeper
unless it's ready to pay the price

true love doesn't have a price
unless it's professional kind

true love is voluntary reciprocal
agreements and holding on to them

free and developing country
with a right to renegotiate

not much different from a well-fare state
not much different from any community

more people means more rules

in a country as in the countrymen do
at home as at home

in relationships only loving communication

is a way out of the well

where falling in love dropped
where conquering wishes to take

true love doesn't kick in the pit
true love doesn't put on the pedestal

true love flourishes 

feet on the ground
head in the star-dust

finding richness in difference
finding strength in similarity

if there's a constant battle
the company might not be right

or haven't noticed 
the war is already over?

hakuammu 2017

railing in station

life's an adventure 
not a problem but

unless knowing how

the adventure may turn 
into a train wreck

deed by deed word by word

learning the spell of life

hakuammu 2017

zero zero one

love one love
love one love
love one love

let it be you

love love one
love love one
love love one

let it be me

one love love
one love love
one love love

let it be us

hakuammu 2017

Happy 100th Independence Day of Finland!



love is all there is 
the rest is but an illusion

hakuammu 2017

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