May 2017



Rumi Nation

Rumi Nation

in the garden beyond right and wrong

I will be Ruminating 
singing love sonnets
                      to your ears

loving carelessly
            knowingly owning the one
though no one can be owned
            cries out the one

not knowing in the spirit will be mine 

and when the spirits talk
       even the gods will fall quiet

what am I to resist
     simply keep on loving
distress or mistress
            only the one and only

who else         
          in every level
earth calling the poet
the poet recalling
Rumi My Love Rumi

hakuammu 2017

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is 
a garden. I will meet you there.”  Jalaluddin Rumi
"Grief is just love with nowhere to go." Helen Macdonald
enough is enough

all wildflowers in the garden
all birds in the light blue sky

all the future needs
all the future seeds

hakuammu 2017

gaming club

gaming club

stepping into stories 
of the past generations

taking life into a new level
giving life a new perspective

all's but a game of domino
ducks in a bow docks in a row
hakuammu 2017

these times

these times

times they're changing

time to give in time to yield
time to learn time to earn 

what's going on what's happening 
where to go what to become 

how to change how to improve
how to find how to impress

times they're changing
we are changing the times

hakuammu 2017

one of these days

one of these days

one day we'll find a way 
to meet each other in love
one day we'll find a way 
to meet each other in peace
one day we'll find a way
to meet each other eye to eye

we'll save the planet

it's not too late

hakuammu 2017


One says.
      What a chemistry.
The other.
      More like alchemy.
And look!

The play turns greater than life.

Gold panning.
     Pan! Gold handing.

In the eyes and minds
elements compounding.

One asks
         without asking.
The other answers
         without answering.

Both without being
         accidentally fainting
pint after pint
                painting endlessly
and that's the End of the Game!

Floating in foam
     poking with poem
        secretly hoeing

asked but not received
 fabel is not stable. 

  It's not supposed to be!

hakuammu 2017

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