September 2017

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living the life

it's now and it's here
the life itself
like a living prayer

hakuammu 2017

all is good all is well

being grateful  
          the life just happening          
everything coming and going
               like the night 
like the day 
               like the waves
like the breathing 
              nothing lasting 
not even the pain 
             nothing personal 
no judging
            that's pure mercy
that's pure grace
like a water on the feather
           like a bubble floating
the spirit is free 
           the spirit is pure
the spirit is everlasting

hakuammu 2017



promising the moon




it is what it is

so simple and so true
love the others 
as well as you

hakuammu 2017

simply happy

simply happy

simplicity is
the salt of life
wisdom is the pepper 
love is an elixir
and a loving spouse

like a golden crown

not bought but earned

learning the skills
learning the ways

to deal with
to be to love 
to be able to

accept love in return

committing and promising 
keeping the promises

growing a backbone

only the things earned
being truly valuable

money earning nothing
money only buying

cheap expendable joys
entertainment of emptiness

the world can take no more
paper stars and fake moons

plastic dolls in their plastic bags

time to look at the stars 
listen to the moon sing

promising the moon and

getting one too

hakuammu 2017

joyful being

seems like it never was about beliefs
              but believing the words
and taking the steps
           so simple and so practical 
no need for too much fuss
      love yourself as well as others
forgiving and forgetting 
                       and letting go
no judging being grateful 
                life is for pure joy

hakuammu 2017

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