a little gal wishing 
one day to be free
until living a little
building a career
a masterpiece-in-waiting
still not to be seen
a writer's block maybe 

or perhaps just constipation
ignoring the itch 
taking an antacid 
busily buzzing 

building a fence
making a perfect sense

to anybody else? 
she's not the one
and that is that?

the flame burning
the heart maybe? 
the problem fixed 
but not the itch 
”who wouldn’t have an itch being such a ditch”

smirking the doctor 
offering an injector

a green ointment 
with a nasty smell
a hasty pill with a nasty bill
she gets it - and 
keeps on scratching 
frustration breeding an idea?

a new career?
finally a solution?
The Final Solution? 
mental problems? anyone? 
anyone there would be? 
solving like a pro 
and nothing more
it has a nice ring? 
rather gets the ring! 
happy until the lives will be
for all to see in the internet sea
something keeps sticking 
she keeps on resisting
being a private person
      and that is that!
a tough cookie?
a long gone maybe?
better dunked in tea 
rather with no cream?
recalling the childhood dream
finally writing a scene
a journal. a fiction. 
a non-fiction. a faction. 
whatever! no direction! 
always moaning. no action.
what's the point and 
should there even be
a cartoon diss is
a real hit-and-miss 
the best of all the methods 
welcome and join the ride 
unless you really love it 
feel free to say bye-bye

hakuammu 2014