a little gal wishing one day an author to be
until she lives a little building a career
the masterpiece-in-waiting is but an empty page
too much to say no way to say it all 
done by others all those golden years
a writer's block maybe perhaps constipation
just ignoring the itch taking an antacid 
busily buzzing building up the fence
making a perfect sense to anybody else? 
she is not the one and the years go by
the flame keeps burning the heart maybe turning?
surely burned hers more than one would need
ah the problem fixed the itch keeps its speed
”who wouldn’t have an itch being such a ditch”
smirking the dorky doctor asked for a quick relief
giving a green ointment with a nasty smell
and a hasty pill with a nasty bill
gets it and keeps on scratching 
frustration breeds an idea -  a new career
finally a solution The Final Solution? 
mental problems? anyone? anyone there would be? 
solving like a pro that's it and nothing more
it has a nice ring nah! rather gets the ring! 
happily ever after until a big ping?
the lives are there to see in an internet sea
something keeps sticking she keeps on resisting
she's a private person and that's exactly that!
a tough cookie maybe? a long gone lady?
better dunked? in the tea rather with no cream
recalls the childhood dream finally writes a scene
a journal. a fiction. a non-fiction. a faction. 
whatever! no direction! always moaning no action
what's the point and should there even be
her point still unseen but when seeding the bean
with a journey oh so keen with no true destination
a cartoon diss is born a real hit-and-miss 
the best of all the methods that's all what it really is
welcome and join the joyride enjoy the joyous ride 
unless you really love it feel free to say bye-bye

hakuammu 2014