one sided rights

giving constant feedback
feeding it back if get some

win-pin win-pin win-pin

hakuammu 2018



deep sleep

being both weak and strong 
is a combination
 very few have mastered
Master of My Uni Verse
Thy Wake-Up Rhymes
must be giving in
how alarming dear one

hakuammu 2018


art lovers

loving good literature but 
the good lit doesn't love her 
back sitting drowning herself 
in cheap shots and loose lines

hakuammu 2017

be true to yourself

keeping it real

otherwise ending up
loosing yourself

your only real 
asset in life

hakuammu 2018

being real

stop playing games
they like you anyway

if they don't they are not

your kind of people
or kind to you anyway

hakuammu 2018




silent prayer

meditating silently 
forgiving and forgetting 
experiencing mercy 
feeling bliss through gratitude
a prayer working best alone
no ritual nor a social game 
a silent conversation 
with the subconscious
a silent chatroom with God
doing what feels right 
learning the lesson if wrong 
growing for the best version
as you serving lovingly others 
the best way to serve God is
ruling with the Golden Rule

hakuammu 2017

silly april

you there close by 
almost by her side
being without being
saying without saying

and only she can hear

hakuammu 2017

artist in love

your dirty
lines making
my brush blush 

hakuammu 2017

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