making the baking

it's never too late
to start learning from

the past mistakes

making is not learning

like the baking is 
not cooking

hakuammu 2017

arc angel

beauty at the best

a beautiful daydream
right in the eyes

closing the eyelids
starting to see

the reality as 
it really is
a beauty and
a mad dress

hakuammu 2017

back in slack

leaving the mind behind
leave the intellect and fly
flowing in the river
just flow and glide

in this divine ocean
a heaven a paradise
your call like a light
for a moth or a fly

flying and flowing
in a blue blue sky
in your eyes no borders 
no more places to hide

hakuammu 2017


arnold's two nuts

truth serum

it may be worn out 
repeated immature

no brainer

yet being the only reality
what is and what can be lived

death can wait

death will be 
left behind

it's time to live in heaven
it's time to make your heaven

singing songs about it

hakuammu 2017

way back

in this fragile shell
happy of all that is
paradise within the moment
yellow autumn leaves
black birds and misty air
tomorrow something else
the everlasting continuum 

hakuammu 2017

choosing the chords

searching for the Truth
looking for the Answers

finally finding the One

the Light bursting in 
outing like a Tornado

quelling the House on the Rock
into millions of Tiny Toones

sitting on the Sandy Shore
wailing an Ocean

waiting a Night to Fall 

looking at the Sea
waving the Whales to see

fishing for the Star
wishing the Star to see

the Big Fish to be

taking to a Deserted Island
holding in the Fee

sitting under a Palm 
surrounded by the Glory

hoping a Coco Nut to Fall

waiting for Friday

praying Every Day
to be a Sun Day

building a dry 
but an empty Cave

good for the Sleeping
not for Staying Alive

fishing for a Straw
hoping for an Axe 

finally to Fall

All's Good 
Hallow Wood

All the Saints 
come marching in

Not Bad All in All

hakuammu 2017


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