Carrot Tops


Your own expectations can make you feel bad.

Your expectations are just thoughts, 
patterns programmed in your head,
not realities, not reality, not real life.
The expectations of others are just theirs,
everyone lives their own life, according
to their own wishes and capabilities.

It's not always easy. It seldom is.

If not outer something inner is wrong,
sometimes both, at times at least.

People hide their problems in different ways
and if you don't, they'll think you have problems
- or you're an artist? Which is more difficult - 
to hide and suffer or not hide and to be thought 
to suffer? To be suffering more than you actually do?

hakuammu 2017

You thought

You thought you can't.
You thought you won't.
You thought you don't dare.
You thought they don't care.

You thought you should be perfect.

You thought wrong.

You're more than you think.

Not better. 
Not worse.
You're enough.
You exist.

That's a way to start.





hakuammu 2017


I C I 0

Spilling Softly

Spilling Softly

Life's spelling and spilling
learning and earning.

Day in and day out.

Spilling well and spelling good. 
Sort of goodwilling.

God willing. 
Goodwill hunting bunting,
not a house sparrow.

Bowing arrow.

Feeling or an emotion 
guiding in the direction
with the greatest potential. 

God willing? Good and willing?

Will is good. God.
Good God Will is good.

Bowing and arrowing?
     Spelling. Spilling. Spoiling it. Killing!

hakuammu 2017

Dirt is Dirt

Dirt is Dirt

thinking over
how to reason
        no need to jump to conclusions
too much can be as good as
        nothing at all                         

Who? What? How?
 Put into a hut? Bygones!


betting donuts or dollars
lifting up the collars

hakuammu 2017

Killing me softly

" It's tough to let go of the darlings

               -     and let them burn."

hakuammu 2017

I am her

like a sun


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