all in the family

like in Syria though in peace
- can't beat the family

hakuammu 2018

killing me softly too

running away won't 
free from the past

only facing it will 
        if not kill

hakuammu 2018

freeing your mind

only when true

a chance to recover
         to be free

be free! bébé! be free!

hakuammu 2018

boldly godly

the flesh may be corrupted 

only the change of mind
will make the real change

if you change your mind
your flesh will follow

not the other way around

it's not against the flesh
it's a spiritual warfare

in the name of Jesus Christ

filling with godly love 
no room for demons to come

hakuammu 2018


do or die. so you did.
hakuammu 2018

the party is over

fly fly me to the moon

be kind to yourself

run or defend yourself
fiercely with no mercy

mercy comes only after
forgiving yourself

for letting yourself
vulnerable for the danger

hakuammu 2018

real but honest

trying to get the upper hand
never achieves anything real

stop trying to win unless in sports

hakuammu 2018

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