folks and poets

a world needs

good men
good women

loads of 

good intentions
not carried out

focusing on

personal good with
pure dedication

hakuammu 2017

kärpässienen alla

eternal truths

we were not meant to live alone

healthy co-dependency 
      is basics of humane being

the truth will come out of 
       everything that is true

a human is a weak vessel

               words are divine

hakuammu 2017

humane being


when someone loves
when someone wants

when someone sees
when someone hears

when someone meets
when someone stands by

when someone really exists
when someone hopes for the best

usually enough for a humane being

hakuammu 2017

here and near

a spiritual lesson or growing
wishing to earn something

selfishly for the comfort or fame
is not a genuine spiritual growth

the spiritual path is personal

a private and selfless
step-by-step learning process

for being more connected

to the world and
to the other people

everything else is a bonus

the well-being and the gratitude
the contentment and bliss

the sense of being in heaven

the heaven is near
the heaven is here

hakuammu 2017

in the world today

In the world today 

We need love and faith more than ever.

Let's pray for those in pain and ache. 
Let's pray wisdom for our leaders to be strong. 
Let's pray humanity to give up hatred and war.
Let's pray for those unable to feel remorse. 
Let's pray for men to understand the duties. 
Let's pray for women to understand the possibilities. 

Let's pray hope and forgiveness. 
Let's pray strength to give up all

sin and wrong doing, 
leaving all the ill-will behind.  

God will be with you each and every day. 
God will love you now and always no matter what.

Believe and be saved. It's you choise. 

Step by step build your life choosing 
the right doors, choosing love over fear,
choosing to believe and act upon. 

Love and fight the evil fiercely.

hakuammu 2018

pleasures and leisures

everyone has a natural
vocation or calling

for some it might 
become a pay job

for some it may 
become a mission

those two can be
two different things

when being the same 
one must be carefull 

not exhausting oneself 
by getting too absorbed

counterbalance is needed

a right balance between 
the work and the leisure

the rest and the refreshment 
the sleep and the relaxation

haluammu 2017

my high way

a spiritual growth means
growing fully as oneself

for better serving and loving others

growing back who we originally were 
beings connected and full of love 

how to serve is about
one's own vocation or karma

what ever is calling
whoever one is

a teacher is an example
a way to go or a way to be

everybody has their own way
nobody else can know 

hakuammu 2017


calling and falling

her vocation has always 
been teaching others

seeing the funny and the peculiar 
the different sides of the humanity

showing it in the form of plays

songs and stories
poems and pictures

through medicine to psychology 
to the spiritual growth and art

the writing turning into a service
a part of the spiritual path 

a teacher and a way to lovingly serve 
teaching others while learning herself

wondering how to accumulate all
how to do all in one lifetime

seems like it all comes together
when there's a strong enough need

teaching nor art doesn't mean rising 
above being blessed nor authoritative but

having a need to share the experiences 
so the others would find their own way

didn't think preaching would be the thing
a belief is a private matter like 

sex and thoughts and opinions but

as they say about the rebirth of Jesus 
it will happen when the world will

be shouting loud enough 
the need will be strong enough

not bearing the screaming and the kicking
is obligated to start writing and teaching

opening up and growing up

making art and loving leading 
to remember who she originally was

growing back to herself
doing what feels right 

choosing the things calling 
the things bringing joy 

to herself and maybe to others

bringing a connection 
to love and enduring bliss

one aim of the spiritual growth is 
remembering who we originally were

hakuammu 2017

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